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Two police fought the gangster wounded 1 suspects

In October 28th20:25,Guandu District closed the cafe staff to Kunming Municipal Public Security Bureau Guandu branch of Spring City Road police station said :once again to the Internet cafes in theft ,robbery suspects ( three of the three people on many occasions in Kunming multiple Internet theft ,robbery crime ) and to the Internet for commit the crime .
After the alarm ,police immediately instruction in police and police are patrolling the neighborhood of two police from Germany peak ,Wang Junyong rushed to the Internet bar disposed of .
The Police Association from Germany peak ,Wang Junyong took the lead to Internet cafes ,at this time, the three suspects were ready to leave, warning people quickly identified ,since Germany peak ,Wang Junyong asked three people to accept the check, three members scattered fugitive ,two police chased ,one suspects into a tunnel .
Who dares to come ,I will kill whoever !The suspect seen cannot escape ,waving a half a meter long sword .The two auxiliary police did not flinch ,proceed without hesitation rushed forward, only by their own hands self-defense stick and gunmen launched a desperate struggle .
The dim light, a gangster crazy hackle, two police almost covered in blood ,but they still desperate struggle ,the best uniform ,until the fall in a pool of blood .The staggered escapes ,Louboutin Outlet,rushed to the harbour police ,ordered to drop his weapon ,the crazy again brandished a knife and rushed over, the chopper throw after police ,breaking down .
The police and the police immediately injured two police and gangsters ,the nearest to the air force hospital .The doctor respectively on three people were rescued .The final declaration ,wounded gangsters after rescue invalid death ,since Germany peak was transferred to the province in the first people hospital .
29 morning 5 when,since Germany peak was introduced to operation room ,ICU observation .At present, initial police investigation is informed,Louboutin, the knifepoint surname Luo ,Guangxi guest ,inside the Internet bar in Shenzhen implementation of the theft ,robbery .
The police forces to capture escaped the other two suspects .The police will fought the knifepoint from Germany peak ,Wang Junyong shall be commended and rewarded .( Sun Wenjie ) to share: welcome to comment I want to comment micro-blog recommended micro-blog hot today ( Editor: SN009 )?Liu Yuanqing lookedsick daughter ,heartache .
Photograph by Zhou Dabiao s wife picked up the knife Kanxiang sleeping in two children .Yang Zhicheng / drawing Zhou Dabiao of reporter of new wall bulletin from home for 7 months,his wife was three months pregnant .
At the end of 11, in Huizhou city of Boluo Liu Yuanqing back to his hometown of Xingning ,the discovery of his wife secret ,while the wife to him asking for abortion .Poor Liu Yuanqing angrily said Runaways ,make him a lifelong regret is, wife was cruel to only 10 years old ,8 years olddaughter fed toxic pesticides ,and wield a sword will be 2 years old and 4 year old daughterto kill on the bed ,then serving pesticide Dutch act .
New express reporter investigates the discovery ,Liu Yuanqing was his sister-in-law ,in remote mountain valley, this complex relationship with family with psychosis ,make the people of the village have avoided distance ,let originally poor family more unfortunate .
Liu Yuanqing found his wife affair, in spite of its begged every scolding wife ,finally let wife get crazy .The Xingning new town ,because relatives have a mental illness, long-term discriminated against cold cold night two great-niece door for Liu Yuanqing home in Xingning City, new town tiger hole village soybean row, this is from the new town about 10 km from the remote village ,Liu Yuanqing lived in old houses at the foot of the mountain, and uncle Liu Yuanqing the house was built in the village side of the road ,the distance of about 200 meters .
Yesterday afternoon ,reporter of new wall bulletin to the tiger cave village soybean row, see Liu Yuanqing Liu Zhendong ,mentions the events of the evening ,he could not help the old man wept bitterly .
.. ... Accident on the morning of December 1st ,Liu Zhendong sleepy suddenly heard a burst of rapid knock at the door ,accompanied by Uncle .Liu Zhendong flung open the door to look, discover two reading primary school great-niece ? LiuTing and Liu x Q, the face is a turn one pesticide flavor ,sisters view lets Liu Zhendong shuddered ,uncle ,uncle, mother irrigation we drink pesticide !Liu Zhendong did not wear the dress, with two sisters came to the village health hospital ,but the village health center did not rescue medicines and equipment ,the village doctor immediately to alarm and call 120 for help .
Mother daughter killed two Dutch act after about half an hour later ,120 emergency vehiclesand new town police station rushed to the scene .Take the lead in the police rushed to the scene ,found it beautifully ,in the direction of Liu Zhendong down to the Liu Yuanqing home, found the house door is inside ,loud call and no one answered ,felt that something was wrong the police had to pry open the door ,the face is on the same pesticide flavor ,the police in the Liu Yuanqing house ,Liu Yuanqing wife Xie Yuanying fell at the bedside have coma ,and she shared a bed at the age of 4 and 2 year old daughter wascut-throat dead in bed ,along with a bloody knife .
The police quickly will Xie Yuanying and her two daughters to the poisoning of new town hospital ,then transferred to the people ,and quickly to the report on the case .When Uncle Liu Zhendong at two small great-niece has not saved ,but this time Liu Yuanqing has disappeared ,the fist foot meal chest crying ,call to call Liu Yuanqing ,but only said the sentence :your daughter is your wife killed .
.. ... Never say a word .At present, Xie Yuanying and daughter ? LiuTing is still in ICU treatment, and poisoning the lighter two daughter, Liu x group can stay in the pediatric wards treated .
Yesterday morning ,reporters see Liu x group, she was lying in bed infusion ,although have gastric lavage ,but still occasionally retch ,blue in the face .To be smelt pesticide flavor ,her teeth were pesticide toxicity have been black, and loose .
She recalled ,Louboutin Pas Cher,he only drank two cups ,and sister afraid of her mother ,my mother let her drink as much .The causes of wife affair husband every day scold Xingning police investigation to determine the initial murder case ,Xie Yuanying single-handedly caused .
The previous day ,over 30 year-old Xie Yuanying quarrels with her husband ,her husband away ,Xie Yuanying angry ,on the 1 day morning around five or six ,forced to sleep in the next eldest daughter and two daughter take pesticide ,and then killing and own a room to sleep with only 4 years old and 2 year old daughter ,then own Dutch act by taking poison .
However ,Liu Yuanqing himself say reason is more be startled at .Yesterday morning ,the new express reporter in Xingning City People to see Liu Yuanqing ,he was 42 years old he ,almost white hair .
He has no time to take care of is still in ICU ,closely guarding poisoning slightly light two daughter, Liu x group .Liu Yuanqing tells a reporter ,he in November 21st from Huizhou to Boluo after coming home ,open home cabinets was found in a box of condoms .
Liu Yuanqing suspects that the wife and questioning his wife ,but his wife made his heart :more than three months pregnant . I twenty-nine March this year ( May 1st) to leave home, has been more than half a year had not gone home, the child must be someone else .
Liu source clean tears ,Christian Louboutin Pas cher,his wife also admits ,a strong and he said sorry ,but refused to tell him who is also third ,with him for money to abortion ,angry every day Liu Yuanqing met his wife scolded .
November 30th morning 8 when make,because the weather changes ,Liu Yuanqing rheumatic arm aching ,then go and brother Lek Town uncle home to borrow wine .But Pro out, he told his wife :I go out (to Boluo ) ,never to come back .
The second brother went home ,he lived in the uncle home, did not think of the midnight received Liu Zhendong ,he ran like crazy to go home ,but never to see two little daughters .The casualties of mother Xie Yuanying ,38years old and still inICU daughter ? LiuTing ,10years old and still inICU two ? LiuQin daughter ,8 years oldin a pediatric ward three daughter, Liu x red ,4sleepingdaughter cut died at the age of 2 ? LiuFen ,Christian Louboutin Pas cher,Louboutin,sleeping in the cut of a wife died .
Is a former sister-in-law reporter in-depth interview discovery ,Louboutin Pas cher,the tragic family behind, there would not be filed past :Liu Yuanqing his former sister-in-law .These words from the mouth of Liu Yuanqing says, he sat on the bed beside her daughter ,head under two arm ,nearly a minute lift .
Liu Yuanqing said :the daughter is actually his brother .About 10 years ago,Louboutin Pas cher, his brother Liu Bingqing because the stroke ,in the hospital for many days or just died, leaving two daughters ,also let Liu Yuanqing owed a lot of debt .
Daughter gave Uncle keep ,two daughter and her mother Xie Yuanying .Later he and Xie Yuanying like each other before marriage ,sister-in-law has become his wife ,in the get married and have children ,he has been in Boluo waste recycling ,annual only in the busy farming season home help .
In the past ,Liu Yuanqing usually do not want to mention ,again bitter ,tired he also recognized ,Louboutin Outlet,each month the pickle send porridge is also saved several hundred dollars, in addition to send home to his wife ,there exists ,the eldest brother cure borrowed thirty thousand yuan for medical expenses, and father died owe money ,it was not until last year that pay off .
Dissatisfaction with Liu Yuanqing wife ,the running of his children .The second is mentally ill Liu Yuanqing hard waste earned a little money ,in addition to the home and out ,a few years ago also bear brother a living expenses .
Liu Yuanqing has three brothers ,Christian Louboutin Outlet,his youngest brother ,above two ,but died 10 years ago, big brother ,home and called a fool brother and his mental illness .According to uncle Liu Zhendong, Dick Liu Yuqing had had a serious illness ,serious illness later just like this .
Yesterday afternoon ,at the tiger cave village of the Liu Zhendong home, the reporter saw Liu Yuqing ,reporters saw the door, he stared at a pair of big eyes looking at the reporter ,when the reporter talks to him but he closed his eyes and shook his head .
Liu Yuqing sat on the steps of the old house ,bend your arms ,hands to the shoulders, fingers down ,the head to the side ,open a passerby .The Liu Yuanqing family and the brother although nominally separation has, but still lived in the old house .
In the course of time ,the tiger cave village for the Liu Yuanqing family are away ,appears to be that Liu Yuanqing mental illness .To share: welcome to comment I want to comment micro-blog
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Women fight after drinking glue was rushed to the hospital on al

Family members:hospital discharge hospital in advance so delayed treatment :patient discharge is the dispatch of our newspaper Hanzhoung ( reporter Zhang Song ) Chenggu a woman drinking a PVC glue was sent to the hospital the next morning fly ,away from the hospital shortly after the onset of the disease ,the other hospital rescue is invalid die .
The husband thought fly hospital doctors say patients do not have what problem to discharge ,missed the best treatment time .The hospital denied this, saying is patients without the doctor to discharge .
Due to family conflicts have glue according to deceased husband Wang Yajun, he lived in the county leading home town of Bear Mountain Village ,the wife of a 24 year oldcui .The evening of September 18th ,his wife with him after an argument about trifles ,secretly drank PVC glue back home not far from home .
That day 20 when make ,wife was father-in-law to fly the hospital department of internal medicine .The hospital received 500 yuan cost of treatment immediately after gastric lavage in the treatment of his wife ,and observation for .
The next morning 7 when make,the doctor condition ,the doctor says no problem ,can be discharged ,and return the unused 320 yuan. Because I do not understand the medicine he had listened to the doctor ,the wife of home from the hospital .
Behold ,the day 18 when the left and right sides,I found his wife body discomfort ,then again to fly hospital ,but the hospital had not received ,I and other family members had to be sent to the Hanzhoung 3201 hospital.
Wang Yajun said : hospitals,doctor accused of our families will be patient to the late .Rescued soon after ,the hospital was critically ill notice ,20days 17 when make,my wife because of toxic shock ,Louboutin Outlet,nervous system ,respiratory system ,circulatory system ,liver ,kidney and multiple organ dysfunction syndrome with acute poisoning rescue invalid death .
The 28 day morning, the reporter interviewed fly hospital by a vice president ,regarding the Wang Yajun ,the denied, its called Cuimou caused by drinking PVC glue treatment in hospital ,but in 19 days morning7 when make,Choi to greet his doctor ,left the hospital ,not medical doctors let out of school .
In response, Wang Yajun said :on the evening of 18 doctorfor my wife after gastric lavage ,wife is crying for a home ,the doctor was heard to say to live not to leave ,not in the hospital .
.In order to give his wife to cure, I let her stay in the hospital for observation of treatment .Subsequently, the nurse will give his wife hung up the bottle .The very next day at 7 a.
m. ,I in the doorway to ask the doctor the wife ,the doctor says no problem ,can be discharged .The health sector will be investigated Wang Yajun and relatives of the deceased ,Choi was sent to the hospital after hospital not to fly ,a patient to develop effective treatment options ,while after gastric lavage for patients without associated check ,to confirm whether the patient has life danger .
In addition ,the patient at the time of discharge from hospital ,the hospital not to inform patients and their families from the house after the danger and the matters needing attention, is the hospital has missed the best treatment time ,lead poisoning patients .
Wang Yajun also told the reporters ,his wife died of poisoning ,he repeatedly find fly hospital ,hospital treatment fee invoice to him, but to date no hospital to .At the same time ,to give his wife doctor has not seen ,Louboutin Pas cher,nor give him medical hospital .
Yesterday,Louboutin, the victim Wang Yajun has been the situation to the county health bureau undertook reflection, the health sector will launch investigation to this matter .To share: welcome to comment I want to comment micro-blog recommended today micro-blog hot jinqianzaixian inquiry late on October 4th ,Congjiang County Tsui rural tragedy ,the two brothers have dined and wined to satiety ,because the family chores Qizheng ,resulting in missed brother brother knife is chopped to death .
It is understood ,4 days of evening8 when make,Chui in rural South Village of a surname Zhang went to my brother home for dinner ,the two brothers have dined and wined to satiety after go home .
Because their parents with electrical issues such as altercation, meantime ,brother took up the wood stick to beat the younger brother to brother ,nose bleeding .When brother once again picked up the wood stick hit his brother, his brother should mention knife Kanxiang brother neck ,causing brother died from hemorrhagic shock .
After the incident ,brother fled the scene and hide .The police on his wife to do the work ,Christian Louboutin Pas cher,his wife lead the police to walk more than 10 arrived intheir hideout ,Louboutin Pas Cher,and successfully persuaded to surrender .
At present, the suspect has been police lawfully criminal detention, the case still is in further investigation .According to the villagers said, two brothers usually occurs without contradiction ,brother, brother hacked tragedy ,make a person distressed indeed .

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Two girls suffered 2 car rolled over ten passers-by from ruin me

Littleyue Yue on the respirator ,the nurse said her whole body cold Yangcheng Evening News reporter Cai Hong absorbs the first person :white dark pants man ,looked around ,there seems to be no littleyue Yue Yue Yue ,and then go straight from the feet pass .
Second :Motorcycle boy ,Oetsu Etsu on its front, he looked down again, a turn around their .Third :light-coloured long-sleeved clothes men ,entered the range of monitoring after staring at littleyue Yue ,but walked away from the child more and more far fast mirror Yangcheng Evening News this morning ( micro-blog ) news reporter Zhou Song ,Zhong Chuanfang ,Xu Chen reports :Men ,this wouldn ?!October 13th afternoon at five thirty PM, a tragedy occurred in Foshan Nanhai Huangqi Hardware City Guangfo :just two years old girl littleyue Yue walks in the video :18 pedestriansignore was knocked down to girls scavengers extend aid source: Southern television today first-line alley, is a plane chartered two roller compaction ,after a few minutes it is a small truck run over .
To understand is ,within seven minutes of girls passing more than a dozen people ,was indifferent to it .Finally, a trash aunt littleyue Yue hold to the side of the road and find her mother .
Now littleyue Yue in the Army General Hospital of Guangzhou military region in the ICU ,brainstem reflex disappears ,close to brain death .15 days later ,the reporter saw the monitoring video .
On the afternoon of the same day at five twenty-six, littleyue Yue in the hardware city alley play ,a person walking down the road .Then ,in front of a white van coming slowly ,as did not see the girls ,began to accelerate ,and will littleyue Yue roll to the right under the wheels ,from EZ crotch run over .
The van stopped, and increase the throttle, the rear wheel to grind littleyue Yue .After ten seconds, 3peoplepass through it, in which a man from the girls go around ,never looking at ;another two people saw the girls look and bypass ,did not slow .
Following this, a small container car came over ,like not seen in general ,the right front wheel two times over littleyue Yue legs .After a few minutes ,and the 4 electric cars,tricycles and 3passerby( one woman took about a five or six year old girl ) ,but only to look, no help, no call for help .
And roadside shops also did not come out to look .At five thirty-three in the afternoon ,a garbage aunt after littleyue Yue side ,trying to catch her ,but littleyue Yue suddenly collapsed to the ground .
Aunt littleyue Yue to the roadside ,appear to be next to the store at about ( the video without sound ) ,but no one came .After the aunt to the alley to go, after a few seconds ,a young woman ,picked up littleyue Yue ,left in a hurry .
The reporter understands ,the lady is littleyue Yue ,she immediately got the daughter rushed to hospital .13, littleyue Yue in Foshan hospital operation ,excision of brain skull ,and on the same day to the Army General Hospital of Guangzhou military region in the ICU ,no current passed through dangerous period .
( newspaper people Miss Liu ,two prize 200 yuan) today news doctors :littleyue Yue to get more difficult Yangcheng Evening News reporter Huang Bochun reported :October 16th morning 10 when ,the Yangcheng Evening News reporter went to the Army General Hospital of Guangzhou military region ICU intensive care rooms to see, littleyue Yue head with abscess ,rely on respirator ,by vasopressors to maintain blood pressure .
The nurse gave her a measured body temperature ,35 ℃,the nurses on duty said her whole body cold .Army General Hospital of Guangzhou military region ICU ICU vice director Wen Qiang expresses ,littleyue Yue since 14 about thirteen thirtytransferred to the army general hospital after injury ,has not been a fundamental change ,diagnosis by the hospital, littleyue Yue currently hernia has been formed, right share bone fracture ,systemic multiple tissue contusion ,deep coma .
Wen Qiang said ,littleyue Yue situation is not optimistic ,this several day strengthened after treatment ,respiratory still need ventilator ,brainstem reflex disappears ,close to brain death ,daily medical care costs 5000yuan,littleyue Yue to get more difficult .
Wen Qiang said :now the hospital has not yet identified the brain death ,to observe a period of time after healing ,estimate of the situation is not optimistic, less chance of survival .Will have a look these indifferent people first: the dark pants man ,looked around ,there seems to be no littleyue Yue Yue Yue ,and then go straight from the feet pass .
Second :Motorcycle boy ,Oetsu Etsu on its front, he looked down again, a turn around their .Third :light-coloured long-sleeved clothes men ,entered the range of monitoring after staring at littleyue Yue ,but walked away from the child more than fourth individuals: open blue after the rear tricycle man from the shop entrance ,two lateral passes ,2meters outside thelittleyue Yue turn a blind eye to .
After the red man drove again pass by ,watching littleyue Yue ,but did not stop fifth people on a tricycle :blue men after sixth individuals: Another motorcycle boy after seventh :the man in black motorcycle after ,constantly looking littleyue Yue eighth individuals : a middle-aged woman with the little girl after ,see several eyes did not stop Ninth People :a raincoat and motorcycle men after tenth individuals: wearing a blue shirt with men in the littleyue Yue side and back two times, in addition to a strange look no action to share: welcome to comment I want to comment micro-blog recommended today micro-blog hot Ruova in court from time to time looking at distant relatives of victims of the &nbsp ;why did you kill your wife ? We fight, I think she and I do not want to live .
Why kill your sister-in-law ? We couple divorce, she is from the challenge ,I hate her . Why then kill niece ? She saw the body take a shower ,I she told . Stepdaughter Liu Xing is a child of 11 years old ,why her ? is a trouble ,there is no need to live in this world .
Husband and wife quarrel wife asleep by his neck ... ... Yesterday morning ,the Xianyang City Intermediate People on 41 years oldXingping man Ruova outsize homicide case open trial .On the court, public prosecutor on the face of the motive for the murder inquiry ,Lu Niuwa answer to let the audience .
This late on March 4th ,Xingping city shop Zhang Street northeast of the village cattle do ,her home was fierce quarrel ,continued until the early morning 3 when much.After the quarrel ,the village people had never seen his wife Lv Zhaoxia lu .
A few days later ,some villagers asked ,Ruova said his wife to Liquan to work the apple contract .Ruova lie lasted 20 days,until someone in his family to take a shower room found 4 bodies .
The dead are: Lv Zhaoxia and her daughter Liu Xing ,Christian Louboutin Outlet,born Lv Zhaoxia Lv Qiuxia sister and niece Zhao Awei .Public type display ,in March 4th this year, Ruova husband and wife quarrel continued into the 5 dayafter 3 a.
m. ,Lv Zhaoxia sleep alone .Think of two people fight scene, Ruova believed that wife does not want to live and own ,only wanted to give her money ,then kill read .At 4 pm ,Lu Niuwa up riding in a face-down his sleeping wife back ,legs will her arm to grip, pinch hands forced wife neck ,Louboutin Outlet,for fear of his wife cries ,and his mouth and nose cover the pressure in the pillow ,Lv Zhaoxia died of asphyxiation .
To vent personal spite sister-in-law ,niece ,stepdaughter has become a victim of March 5th after dawn, Lv Qiuxia to Lu bullfrog home to find his sister ,heard her in ,and in the very next day early to find ,and up to the two floor bedroom to find .
See her around the house looking for someone ,Lu bullfrog heart resentment ,he thinks that Lv Qiuxia has been playing the wife and her divorce from ,and to kill ,and to hold hands Lv Qiuxia be in France, after ten minutes ,and strangled with a rope around the neck until the death .
Kill two people ,Ruova in the stepdaughter Liu Xing homework write the kills his wife and sister-in-law causes ,after ,placed in a dresser box .In March 13th, 16 year-old Zhao Aweipart-time home to aunt Lv Zhaoxia ,two .
Hear out the two aunt ,Christian Louboutin Pas cher,she and Liu to live together .March 14th morning ,Liu to school ,when I saw Zhao Awei take a shower to wash room with one foot ,found wrapped in quilts in the two corpse .
Ruova then decided to prevent divulgence of one ,Zhao Avila died .Late on March 17th ,at the age of 11, Liu was in Ruova watch TV ,Lu Niuwa took advantage of the children sleeping ,put the pillow over the child and nose until its death by asphyxiation .
Left a suicide note I want the world to know why I murder after killing four ,Lu Niuwa corpses covered with sundries .Lv Zhaoxia ,Lv Qiuxia ,Zhao Awei three people mobile phone after shutdown ,a suicide note and put together in the bedroom dresser box ,Louboutin,then the runaway .
Why do you want to leave a suicide note ?The judge asked . I want the world to know why I kill . Then why did you run? I want to delay the time ,find me working outside of the son ,and then with the results of our two father and son .
Ruova because of family conflicts ,killing two people, to kill killed one, killing innocent people ;after committing the crime ,adultery ,insult ,assault in two cadaver .At 11 a.m., the prosecution argued in court .
Court debate stage ,Lu Niuwa lawyer said in 1996 ,Ruova suffered from schizophrenia ,asked the court for identification of mental diseases .The prosecution thought ,Ruova in flagrante delicto ,with full civil capacity .
The court said the chamber after the collegiate ,on whether psychiatric identification reply .In the final submissions stage ,Ruova read out in court his repentance, repeatedly to victims and their relatives said sorry .
You were angry relatives of the beast request million compensation and the mother of Lv Zhaoxia Guo ,Lv Qiuxia ,Zhao Awei, Zhang Zhao ,Lu parents in court .At the same time lost two daughters and two granddaughters of Guo court denounced :Lu You Niuwa ,beast ,was shot ten times not hate .
The plaintiff agent Song Puzhao said ,Zhao Awei sister are deaf ,Zhao Awei is home to the only healthy child ,Louboutin Pas Cher,her suffering so that parents hardly wished to live .On the court, Lv Zhaoxia ,Lv Qiuxia ,Zhao Awei about $1000000 totalproposed civil claims, no one as Liu Xing civil plaintiff claims for compensation .
For the case of insulting corpse crimes relating to personal privacy ,not a public hearing .After 3 hours of trial court court verdict ,No .The villager says two people married less than a year at trial, the reporter saw Ruova in the crime after writing down reason .
... ... Her family houses to twenty thousand yuan ... ... Towards the man says that if I don give money ,she divorced me ,but I do not want to divorce ,I really love towards a man ,so I killed her ,she and I live in the same country as ( perish together ) .
.. ... After the trial, reporters once again came to her home village of cattle .The front door of the Ruova home with seal .Neighbor sinus master is the gate up firewood ,shake one as he said ,in his impression, Lu Niuwa two marriage, rarely quarrel with his wife ,never thought he would do this .
.Sinus division Fu ,Lu Niuwa after divorce, last year in May with his son and Lv Zhaoxia married ,Lv Zhaoxia was with a girl (i.e., Liu honor) ,from marriage to was less than a year .
Standing in the sinus master house roof, the reporters saw Lu bullfrog yard bush ,the courtyard of a persimmon tree ,big red persimmons in autumn appears some glaring . Since that after this courtyard ,nobody came .
Put him in front of the two killed ,with nothing like the back ,with her daughter to school .He can do the cruel under ah .A villager said ,Ruova and his wife in a few days back at once, but no home .

The police offered a reward of 50000 yuan to arrest shop theft suspect Zhejiang Fuyang national para

3 pupils were punished to mention trousers run president says is the substitute

Men in the small clinic injection after death by the police home dead father tom

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Leadership threatened the sanitation workers 1 mic

is really our sanitation workers caring person !On November 6th, in experience because of going to work period hair micro-blog was tube responsible person scare come off sentry duty after disturbance, Sichuan Ziyang city sanitation workers Tang Laoba in an interview with our reporter kept for trade union ,trade union rights and active intervention helped keep the position .
Concerned personage says ,the Tang master working in micro-blog ,highlighted a sanitation worker did not forget the country in the sense of social responsibility ,should be encouraged rather than suppress .
Sanitation workers become micro-blog celebrity Tang Laoba real name is Tang Zhengquan, he is a Ziyang sanitation workers .At the beginning of last year, he used others to send the old computer registered micro-blog ,calls himself sweeping down old ( micro-blog ) ,issued the first micro-blog :m a sweeping, hoping to get the attention of people !He did not think his micro-blog ,had caused the wide attention of people .
A week later ,his fans of as many as 100 .After a year today ,he has more than 4 fans .Tang is full of micro-blog ,is to let the sanitation workers more attention and concern .He issued a micro-blog content ,in addition to the introduction of personal experience ,but also put themselves in sweeping the floor when the uncivilized phenomenon is illustrated in the form to the micro-blog .
One not careful ,sanitation workers Tang Laoba network has become a celebrity ,even Chen Yao ,Ouyang Fenjiang these artistic celebrities have become his become a fan for each other .He had been invited to Beijing to participate in the public activity .
However ,around working time can send micro-blog Tang Zhengquan and their area management of responsible person Zhang produced contradiction .A micro-blog buckle 5 yuan?In October 31st, Tang them again :micro-blog sanitation department leadership prohibited me micro-blog !Find a deduct my wages 5 yuan .
.. ... Tang Zhengquan told the reporters ,in September of this year, he receives from one of Japan fans ,Zhang came to check whether he due diligence ,also repeatedly reminded him of time not playing mobile phone ,send micro-blog ,because provisions shall not interfere with the work during work for nothing .
In October 31st, Zhang to convey the top leader Tang Zhengquan meaning :recurrent micro-blog ,a deduction of 5 yuan of money.This makes the monthly salary is only 755 yuan Tang Zhengquan annoyed .
A few days later, their conflicts more and more intense .In gas head Zhang said to Tang Zhengquan relentless :you must do do ,do not take off clothes !Extremely strong personality Tang Zhengquan immediately to the work clothes off ,and subsequently in micro-blog issued information :I have been dismissed .
This causes a netizen in bowen .So ,whether Tang Zhengquan really because micro-blog and fails to work ?The reporter visited Tang Zhengquan in charge of cleaning the area a few business owners ,they said ,Tang Zhengquan the work very seriously ,not because of micro-blog and influence the daily work .
Citizen Wang Zhangqiong is Tang Zhengquan be outraged by an injustice :I almost see him every day carrying a broom and clean ,diligent .Sweep the rest after a micro-blog ,have what can Moreover,Louboutin Outlet, the Tang master micro-blog ,attracted many people pay attention to sanitation workers !Trade unions in calm the storm tube Zhang expresses to media ,he said to be fired Tang master, but he censorship.
.But this tiger ,made a small disturbance .Tang Zhengquan: have been fired after Bowen ,immediately aroused the Sichuan Provincial Federation of trade unions legal concerns ,and holds the Ziyang Federation of trade unions to provide rights aid .
At the same time ,also use the Sichuan Trade Union legal aid ( micro-blog ) Sina micro-blog in the mediation process ,the entire journey direct seeding .November 4th afternoon ,Ziyang City Federation of trade unions legal department with Tang Zhengquan ,respectively,Louboutin, and the Municipal Urban Management Bureau and subordinate sanitation department related person in charge of communication .
In the negotiations ,the City Urban Management Bureau and the sanitation department responsible person said :support to the Tang master micro-blog ,he sent the micro-blog is to oversee the uncivilized behavior .
However ,the premise is to do our own work .The responsible person :we never said to dismiss the Tang master it .The communication consultation results ,according to the trade union proposals ,sanitation department will Zhang tube area was adjusted to avoid her ,and Tang master again conflicts .
Sichuan Province general legal department cadre Zhang Ying expresses when accepting a reporter to interview ,Tang master working in micro-blog ,highlights the sanitation workers did not forget the country in the sense of social responsibility .
Look from another flank ,his actions greatly enhance the sanitation workers social image ,should be advocated and encouraged .( reporter high column ) to share: welcome to comment I want to comment micro-blog recommended today micro-blog hot Chen Guangbiao cheap real things ,must raise a Babel of criticism of recent biography .
Yesterday, Chen Guangbiao ( micro-blog ) finally accepted an exclusive interview with this reporter ,and introduces in detail the low-priced real intention .Subsequently, at about ten yesterday evening ,in his micro-blog to video and text published the real operation issues .
Video :Chen Guangbiao says to its low property buyers must have special contribution, reporter Zhang Lei Lee Chong &nbsp ;the sale is the main facade Housing and villas low-priced real plan to begin from Nanjing ,but the information is Chen Guangbiao when accepts Yunnan media interview hair cloth ,which Chen Guangbiao said :was in Yunnan ,the want to send to the micro-blog ,later I received the Yunnan media call, then took the lead in the side was released .
For Chen Guangbiao the low-priced sale of real estate ,how many belong to commercial housing issues ,Chen Guangbiao said the real estate is the main facade Housing and villas ,even in Nanjing Taiping Gate Garden property ,but also two sets of opening ,with a real estate license ,area is about 400 square meters.
Chen Guangbiao said ,Beijing and real estate in Shanghai ,Louboutin Pas cher,he is also a whole layer together to buy down, the whole floor of five hundred or six hundred square meters, sharing a house property certificate .
For Internet users questioned whether there ,Chen Guangbiao house ,in the reporter he took the part of the house property certificate gave reporters .Reporter discovery ,in Chen Guangbiao even commercial housing ,the smallest house is more than 400 square meters .
To buy a house can only do not buy furniture to the problem ,Chen Guangbiao said :it can ,Christian Louboutin Pas cher,take furniture can come out, no place to put ah !Villa decoration are imported materials ,so it is expensive .
Chen Guangbiao also said ,the purchase of the villa people need to undertake the property management fees ,and each villa property management fees and fees of about 8000 yuan a month .Chen Guangbiao said ,Christian Louboutin Pas cher,in his own micro-blog low-cost houses after the news came out ,Louboutin,his relatives and friends ,and even company employees and friends and relatives have called for accommodation ,but he told reporters :I want to sell the house to the people who contribute to society .
For real follow-up arrangements, Chen Guangbiao said he would seek the views of the masses, to respect broad netizen opinion ,put the property specific information for publication ,and to solicit views all the publicity ,not the black-box operation ,never sold to their relationships ,Christian Louboutin Outlet,into a disguised bribery .
Want to buy a brother house is not easy to purchase conditions must be a registered permanent residence in Nanjing and for the country and society to make a special contribution ,including the national moral models ,countrywide model worker ,national heroes of earthquake relief model ,National Science and Technology Progress Award winner ,note: Chen Guangbiao added ,because oneself buy a house is full payment ,so the buy a house must also complete the purchase ,not by installments .
To buy a house of the source of funds ,he considered through the Justice Department to investigate .Way to register eligible people can be found in Chen Guangbiao Sina micro-blog registration ,registration deadline is November 30, 2011 ,hope enrolled in micro-blog reply indicate the name ,valid identity card number ,contact information, and purchase for personal statement .
Chen Guangbiao said that buy a house ,released the information, in accordance with the conditions of the applicants to vote more than 80%without any violation to sell .Note : in addition to that, in all cases are consistent with the later, transfer and legalization,Louboutin Pas Cher, after the transfer of real estate may be sold or transferred ,found violations ,Chen Guangbiao expressed that he has the right to sell the price price repurchase .
Failing to find a buyer how to do so many restrictions ,that if no one consistent with how to do ?Chen Guangbiao said :if the due do not meet the requirements of the buyer ,as the flow treatment ,do not consider selling the .
At the same time, he said ,Nanjing became the flow ,described in other local low-cost houses also did not progress continues, will not be carried out in other city . My company still has a lot of things to deal with, and will not continue to sell .
At the end of the estate ?He said he wanted to do low prices before some public statements, Chen Guangbiao more than once their low-cost houses with the national macro-control of the real estate market and not to mind taking the trouble to explain it echoes ,and guide the healthy development of the property market between china .
Due to a high profile charity and Wen topic entrepreneur ,suddenly declared that will be out of the ordinary price to sell their several sets of real estate ,most easily triggered by Lenovo nothing more than speculation ,such as old show .
Including journalists, many concerned netizens are difficult to understand their own acts playing at such a high position where .So yesterday when interviewing Chen Guangbiao,Louboutin Pas cher, the reporter repeated questioning ,he finally clear about the logical context -- actually publish such a message, I can expect to have a lot of questions .
But in addition to questioning ,there must be guessing .In Chen Guangbiao ,these speculations are ,Chen Guangbiao this is why ?Why would he do that ?Is the show ?After the hype ?Capital chain broken ?Or what he got housing news ,early action for a massive housing ?Chen Guangbiao is very carefully analyse to the reporter ,I asked myself in the eyes of most people ,there is a certain identity and status ,will inevitably have to is it right? I from which particular channels receive advance information ,and then start to unbelievable prices began to sell the property .
Chen Guangbiao said ,according to his friends from real estate sellers get feedback ,this kind of speculation exists .And let him that is heavy ,if people have such a speculation ,what will they do ?Very simple ,they will want to verify their guess ,more patience to continue wait-and-see market .
According to this logic ,developers and property buyers who had been wrestling ,tailor who have more patience ,it is be well-matched in strength . Now I give people here with a weight ,no matter how multiple ,it will be the root breaks the balance of the straw .
Chen Guangbiao is expected to be ,he will be by virtue of their influence, change the property buyers ,developers ,Louboutin Outlet,vendors on the property market trend anticipation, especially enhance the buyers on the price will drop the confidence .
There are a lot of real estate dealers friend called to tell me ,that I do this let them into the passive .Indulge in verbiage ,beautiful dream ,or anything ?Chen Guangbiao in an interview yesterday not to say yes or no ,just the mysterious smile .
Anyway ,or have a look together first ,whether property prices have no practical effect .To share: welcome to comment I want to comment micro-blog recommended micro-blog hot today (
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[i] I am university student village official career I talk a

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Lottery sales is referred to as 1500000 yuan to th

At the age of 38,Louboutin Outlet,Liu Gong (a pseudonym ) like to buy lottery tickets, had a small prize ,recently he complained ,he recently won 1500000 yuan in a lottery jackpot lottery lottery sales ,Louboutin Pas Cher,can be a possession of Zhu ,Zhu also falsely claimed the bonus .
Reporter was informed that ,Qimen County police has investigation and will be transferred to the court end of file .It is understood ,Zhu has been expelled .Newspaper :the grand prize in the encounter as Liu Gong of long-term and outer work ,buying lottery tickets is his hobby ,had a small prize ,one of the largest is 50 yuan .
Liu Gong tells a reporter ,before he goes home to visit relatives ,September 27th to a local lottery center director Wang telephoned to buy lottery tickets ,Wang said he did not sell lottery ,sales Zhu sold him .
On the evening of that day ,Liu Gong and Zhu meet in a restaurant in Qimen County on the spot to meet ,Liu Gong Zhu buy a dozen in all 600 yuan namely to open the lottery ticket .Liu Gong said ,he would pay the money to Zhu ,on-site scratch tickets .
At that time, the presence of other people ,lottery ticket 30 yuan face value,20,began to appear some small prizes ,blowing around ten ,discovered suddenly got the first prize ,Christian Louboutin Pas cher,bonus 1500000 yuan .
Zhu immediately to the king a call to say in the grand prize .Wang to let them be sent over to lottery ,propaganda .Liu Gong tells a reporter ,he and Zhu Wang came to somewhere ,will be personally winning tickets to wang .
Subsequently, Wang and Zhu went out ,he is in the office waiting for .Soon after, the king a person comes back ,Liu Gong for the lottery ,Wang said lottery to Zhu .Subsequently, Liu Gong found Zhu ,urged the lottery ,Zhu said the bonus amount is too large ,for safety reasons,Christian Louboutin Outlet,Louboutin, got the tickets for safekeeping ,not the lottery to him .
The morning of September 28th ,Liu Gong and Wang representations ,meantime ,he from Wang answering a phone, accident that Zhu has let his family to Hefei City bonus cash .Response: the sales have been expelled that bonus was led away, Liu Gong immediately to the Qimen County police report group ,and provided the corresponding evidence .
Then from the Qimen County police was informed ,police on suspicion of embezzlement case, on Zhu Mou ,Wang as the parties and witnesses the investigation ,Louboutin Pas Cher,initially identified by :Liu Gong Wang to Zhu to buy lottery tickets, Liu Gong scratch off lottery ticket after the lottery to Wang ;Wang will be the winning ticket to the Zhu ,Zhu family has bonus cash ,deposit account .
In the end, misappropriation belongs to private prosecution cases ,Louboutin Pas cher,in accordance with the relevant provisions of the police jurisdiction ,the case file and evidence for the transfer of Qimen County People court .
It is reported ,the Zhu family cash bonus has been most from accounts taken away, on the remaining 32 yuan,Qimen County People court to take measures for freezing .Qimen County People court responsible person told reporters in late October 14th ,the crime of embezzlement is a criminal case of private prosecution ,not to sue non-prosecution principle, the court did not receive the criminal private prosecution .
If the plaintiff filed criminal private prosecution ,the court will determine whether the case in review .On October 14th, reporter phone interviewed Zhu ,learned that the reporter ,she said :I have not sold the lottery ,not clear then hung up the phone .
Then ,several journalists call Zhu telephone ,are hung up .Wang in a telephone interview with reporters ,said to the police said that the relevant circumstances ,inconvenience and reporters to talk about too much ,and denying that he is the party .
But Wang said ,lottery sales Zhu has been expelled .( Wu Yongquan ) links what is criminal private prosecution case? The criminal private prosecution case is the victims or their legal representatives to the people ,Louboutin Outlet,shall be handled directly by the people of the minor criminal cases .
According to the law, the people of criminal private prosecution cases directly accepted by telling just treated cases ,including embezzlement case .To share: welcome to comment I want to comment micro-blog recommended micro-blog hot news today Chu Tianjin Gold News reporter Lv Junlei Yuan Feng correspondent Xie Zhengyu correspondent ,Ding Xin reported: the day before yesterday afternoon 4 when make,missing the number of days in Jingshan Hengda Industrial Company Limited legal representative Gu Zhongfa drove by the Jianli police seized ,a major crime suspect is captured .
Previously, the Jianli police in 6 foundan unknown man ,suspected victim Gu in hair ,now carrying DNA gene identification .On the morning of 2, Gu Mou to residents of Jingshan County Public Security Bureau police station town ,his father had made had been missing for two days .
Police on duty after inquiry knowing ,last month 30 days afternoon 3 when make,Gu in finish after physiotherapy alone in the county ,driving a brown cross-country car missing .In view of Gu in Jingshan County Department of well-known private enterprises responsible person and the Jingmen Municipal People special identity ,as well as his car while missing ,Jingshan County Public Security Bureau on the same day was established by the director Wei Mingchao to take the lead ,more than 30 police to form a special group .
This bureau still press 100000 yuanreward notice ,at the same time ,entry to the national missing persons database ,the missing vehicle recording of the stolen motor vehicle base ,in the public security network released a circular for assistance in investigation .
Reportedly ,Louboutin Pas cher,Jingshan Hengda Industrial Company Limited was founded in 1997 April,under a dragon dance ,dragon dance bridge rice flour mill ,Jingshan Hengda trading company ,Wuhan Hengda trading company four operating entities .
Company chairman and general manager Gu Zhongfa is a provincial model worker ,Christian Louboutin Pas cher,Jingmen Municipal People ,outstanding entrepreneurs in Jingmen City ,Jingshan county and Jingshan County Federation of industry and commerce, vice chairman of CPPCC members .
The case occurred, Jingshan county Party committee ,county government set up a class to help Jingshan Hengda Industrial Company Limited to operate normally, the main leadership of the county also repeatedly visits the family of sympathy .
At present, the Jingshan police are trying to tie in with the Jianli police to investigate the case .To share: welcome to comment I want to comment micro-blog recommended micro-blog hot
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[] the most boring gossip lakes motionless with Ch

[i] I am university student village official career I talk a

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